REDANG ISLAND Those who prefer to visit the Redang Island can congratulate themselves for an ideal idea. Established on the eastern side of Malaysia, the island belongs to an archipelago of nine islands. it’s the foremost important one, especially among Malaysians and Singaporeans. The place gathers together many tourists every weekend, especially during the summertime. The Redang Island weather is superb from March to October, then

CAMERON HIGHLANDS Many people call it the “Paradise of Malaysia” while the name itself (Cameron Highlands) is attributed to the explorer of these highlands (William Cameron). Yet Cameron Highlands is an all time favourite holiday spot for all locals. The area is characterized by green mountain hills, at a height of 1500 meters above sea

  Penang You shouldn’t miss a visit to Penang and for good reason too. Known as a world-renowned exotic holiday destination, Penang is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with no shortage of cultural sights. Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Penang is famous for its sandy beaches as well as its amazing

LANGKAWI ISLAND Langkawi Island is the favourite travel destination for the tourists visiting Malaysia. Island is well known for its amazing activities, night life, astonishing island tours and mangrove river trips. By visiting Langkawi Island, you will have unforgettable experiences and the choice of tranquil or active holiday. Due to high number of attractions, duty

KUALA LUMPUR CITY The Kuala Lumpur City Tour is probably the most popular travel destination tour that offers the opportunity to explore this amazing city of diversity. This tour takes you on a 6-7 hours tour around the city. Our professionally trained drivers will accompany you to the most popular and fabulous places of Kuala